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Tim Giles

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Tim Giles is a financial economist dealing with the finance industry and finance issues across a range of industries. His work focuses on valuation; cost of capital; and financial regulation in litigation, state aid, and competition cases. His personal expertise is in finance with an emphasis on investment, valuation, and risk. He also has extensive financial services industry experience.

He has extensive experience in International Arbitration, including both commercial and investment treaty claims, and has been engaged in some of the most complex and
high-profile financial and non-financial disputes of recent years. He has provided expert testimony in all the major international arbitration forums, including ICC, ICSID, LCIA and under UNCITRAL rules.

At the height of the financial crisis Tim advised the UK Government and the European Commission on the reasons for the failure of the UK banks Northern Rock and Bradford & Bingley, the competition implications of their rescue and restructuring and the valuation of State aid. He also provided advice and co-authored reports for the UK Government, the Irish Government and European Commission on the seriousness of the banking crisis in the UK and Ireland and the need for the measures to resolve the crisis using the exceptional provisions of the European Treaty (Article 87(3)(b)).

Tim has acted in a number of English high court and criminal court cases involving market abuse investigations and the valuation of businesses, asset-backed securities, CDOs and debt instruments. These include criminal proceeding against directors of AIT Group and a recent high court case involving a contentious restructuring: Saltri III Ltd v MD Mezzanina SA.