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Maja Glowka


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Maja Glowka is a Chartered Accountant and experienced forensic accountant. Since 2002, she has specialised in the assessment of damages and forensic analysis arising in the context of dispute resolution.

She has been appointed as expert and has worked alongside the appointed experts, leading project teams on complex UK and international assignments. She has worked on litigation and international arbitration matters, in proceedings before the UK High Court, Court of Session (Scotland), ICC and LCIA arbitration forums and under UNCITRAL rules, and the Competition Appeal Tribunal.

In recent years Maja has acted on a broad range of matters involving:

  • Evaluation of damages – loss of profits, wasted costs, business valuation – arising from a wide-range of circumstances and in numerous industries.
  • Forensic accounting investigations and analysis, both internal and in the context of dispute resolution – analysis and tracing of funds and transactions; reconstruction of accounting records from an examination and analysis of contemporaneous documents; and evaluation of a variety of frauds and accounting irregularities, including accounts manipulation for inflating performance-related bonuses or purchase consideration.
  • Consideration of complex financial reporting issues under a variety of accounting standard setting regimes, primarily UK GAAP, IFRS and US GAAP.